Voluntary Support by Support Category
Fiscal Year 1996
Support Category   Voluntary Support
Foundations   $19,281,578   46.6%
Other Groups and Sources   $6,889,952   16.6%
Corporations   $5,565,818   13.4%
Alumni1   $5,299,905   12.8%
Non-Alumni Individuals   $4,125,685   10.0%
University Trustees   $262,027   0.6%
Support Category Total   $41,424,965    

1University of Pittsburgh alumni who serve as members of the University Board of Trustees are included in the support category University Trustees.

Note: The Voluntary Support figures shown in this table are point-in-time, and as such, serve only as a reference point.
         Other presentations of these data may take into account changes in donor specifications and various other developments.

Source: Institutional Advancement.

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Office of Institutional Research
University of Pittsburgh Fact Book, September 1996