Distribution of the Budget
  Total University
  Fiscal Year 1996
  Tuition and Fees   29.0%
  Government Grants and Contracts   24.7%
  Commonwealth Appropriation   18.3%
  Sales and Services   17.1%
  Private Gifts, Grants, and Contracts   7.3%
  Endowment Earnings   1.7%
  Other Sources   1.1%
  Investment Income   0.8%

  Instruction   29.3%
  Research   19.7%
  Auxiliary Enterprises   7.4%
  Institutional Support   7.4%
  Scholarships and Fellowships   6.4%
  Operation and Maintenance of Plant   6.0%
  Academic Support   5.7%
  Student Services   4.7%
  Public Service   2.9%
  Libraries   1.6%
  Applied Research Center   0.7%
  Health Related Activities   0.1%

1Percentages shown for expenses are based on the $805.5 million current funds, or operating, budget. Not shown is Transfers Among Funds, equal to 8.1% of the budget. This amount is typically transferred to other funds, such as plant funds, from which debt requirements are satisfied and from which property, plant, and equipment expenses are made.

Note: Fiscal Year 1996 budget figures are as of July 1, 1995.

Source: Office of Budget, Planning and Analysis.

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University of Pittsburgh Fact Book, September 1996