Guide to the Fact Book -- School Name Abbreviations

The following are abbreviations used in the text, tables, and charts throughout the Fact Book.



Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

College of General Studies

General Studies

University Honors College

Honors College

The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

Katz Graduate School of Business

School of Education


School of Engineering


School of Law


Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Public and International Affairs

School of Social Work

Social Work

School of Information Sciences1

Information Sciences

College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration

School of Dental Medicine

Dental Medicine

School of Nursing


School of Pharmacy


Graduate School of Public Health

Public Health

School of Medicine


School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown


University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg


University of Pittsburgh at Titusville


University of Pittsburgh at Bradford



University Council on Graduate Study2

Interschool Programs

Cooperative Education Programs3

Cooperative Education Programs

University Center for International Studies4

University Center for International Studies

Schools of Education and Public Health5

Education and Public Health

Schools of Nursing and Public Health6

Nursing and Public Health

1In April, 1996 the School of Library and Information Science was renamed the School of Information Sciences. This new name has been incorporated into this edition of the Fact Book.

2The University Council on Graduate Study acts as a surrogate school, has degree granting authority, and has oversight of graduate academic programs having an interschool or a non-school-based curriculum.

3Cooperative Education Programs include students from other colleges and universities cross-registered at the University of Pittsburgh.

4Certificate programs in international studies are administered through this center.

5The School of Education and the Graduate School of Public Health jointly offer a degree program (Health Promotion and Education).

6The School of Nursing and the Graduate School of Public Health jointly offer a certificate program (Management Program for Health Professionals).

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University of Pittsburgh Fact Book, September 1996