Sponsored Research and Other Sponsored Programs Expenses by
School and Other Area or Program
Fiscal Year 1996
Total Sponsored Research and Other Sponsored Programs Expenses = $246,293

Medicine   $57,179
Faculty of Arts and Sciences   $29,310
Public Health   $25,620
Engineering   $8,373
Education   $2,890
Nursing   $2,635
Social Work   $2,293
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences   $1,945
Public and International Affairs   $1,252
Dental Medicine   $883
Information Sciences   $807
Pharmacy   $736
Katz Graduate School of Business   $576
Bradford   $381
Law   $376
Johnstown   $307

Other Area or Program
Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic   $45,832
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute   $24,213
Learning Research and Development Center   $9,121
Pell Grant Program   $8,201
University Center for Social and Urban Research   $6,943
University Center for International Studies   $5,431
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Administration   $2,887
Mid-Atlantic Technology Applications Center   $2,469
College Work-Study Program   $2,043
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program   $1,666
Other   $733
Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences   $599
Office of the Provost   $592

Notes: The areas and programs listed are those that were current as of fiscal year 1996.
Figures are for the total University and are reported in thousands.
Figures include current funds expenses for sponsored and other sponsored programs and indirect cost reimbursement.

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Office of Institutional Research
University of Pittsburgh Fact Book, September 1996