Headcount Enrollment by Level, Status, Residency and Race
    Pittsburgh Campus
    Fall Term, 1995
    Total Pittsburgh Campus Headcount Enrollment: 26,083
    Undergraduate 63.0%
    Graduate 30.8%
    First Professional 6.2%

    Full-Time 72.2%
    Part-Time 27.8%

    Pennsylvania 80.1%
    Out-of-State 19.9%

    White 80.9%
    Black Non-Hispanic 7.9%
    Non-Resident Alien 6.2%
    Asian/Pacific Islander 3.7%
    Hispanic 1.2%
    American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.1%

Note: Figures include students from other colleges and universities cross-registered at the University of Pittsburgh (Cooperative Education Programs).

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Office of Institutional Research
University of Pittsburgh Fact Book, September 1996