Centers, Institutes, Laboratories and Clinics
Fall Term, 1997

University Centers and Institutes1

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

General Studies





Public and International Affairs

Information Sciences

Dental Medicine



Public Health


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Johnstown Campus

Titusville Campus

Bradford Campus

University Center for International Studies

Office of the Provost

Student Affairs

Business/University Center for International Studies

Engineering/Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Sciences/Health Sciences/Law

Faculty of Arts and Sciences/Medicine

Health Sciences


Public and International Affairs/University Center for International Studies

Public Health/Medicine

Public Health/Medicine/Pharmacy/Faculty of Arts and Sciences

University Library System

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University/Allegheny Singer Research Institute

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University/Westinghouse Electric Corporation


1 Centers and institutes in the category "University Centers and Institutes" are distinguished by organizational permanence, programmatic autonomy, and an annual operating budget fiscally independent of any other academic, research, and/or service unit.

Note: The centers, institutes, laboratories, and clinics listed are University of Pittsburgh or University affiliated organizations. They are either single or multidisciplinary in scope, and are generally involved in some combination of education, research or service activities. Each center, institute, laboratory, and clinic is listed under the name of the unit with which it is associated.

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