Computing Services and Facilities

Network Services:

Sun UNIX Timesharing Service: 4 Ultra 2 processors, each with 1.5 gigabytes of main memory, 160 gigabytes of AFS distributed online disk storage, and the Solaris version 2.5.1 operating system.

VMS Timesharing Service: 2 Alpha 3000 processors (RISC), 1 VAX 6420 processor, 1.4 gigabytes of main memory, 62.5 gigabytes of online disk storage, 3 nine-track magnetic tape drives (1,600 and 6,250 bpi), 5 cartridge tape drives, 2 Exabyte 8mm tape drives, 6 4mm DAT drives, and the VMS version 6.1 operating system.

IBM 2003-277 (MVS): 1 IBM 2003-277 processor, 256 megabytes of main memory, 256 megabytes of expanded memory, 270 gigabytes of online disk storage, 768 HYDRA protocol converter ports, 2 nine-track magnetic tape drives (1,600 and 6,250 bpi), 8 cartridge tape drives, and the OS/390 version 1.3 operating system.

Computing Services and Systems Development:

Consulting Resources: 24-hour, 7-day Help Desk, Knowledgebase, Online Help Sheets, QuickStart Workshops, Contract Analysts, and Expert Partners.

Computing Labs
Listed below are the six campus computing lab facilities available at the Pittsburgh Campus:

Source: Network Services and Computing Services and Systems Development, September 1999.

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