Membership in the Graduate Faculty of the University of Pittsburgh signifies that a faculty member possesses the expertise in research and the experience in supervising graduate students to be qualified to direct doctoral dissertations and serve as a member of doctoral candidates' examining committees. This roster was prepared to assist in the selection of dissertation major advisors and the formation of doctoral committees.

The roster lists only regular (not adjunct) members of the graduate faculty. The information is sorted two ways. First, it is sorted alphabetically by last name for all responsibility centers, and second, it is sorted alphabetically within each responsibility center by department. For each faculty member, the department, name, and rank (primary classification) is provided. The roster is prepared by the Office of Institutional Research.

This roster is updated three times each year, in March, June, and October. This roster shows membership as of June 30, 2020.

Please direct all questions related to graduate faculty membership to Jennifer Walker of the Provost's Office.